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Farrier's Choice Pack-Seal

Farrier's Choice Pack-Seal

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  • -Farrier's Choice PACK-SEAL is an all-in-one, clear, fast-curing urethane-based adhesive designed to cushion the hoof, while offering full sole protection and support. 

  • -30 second set-up time.

  • -Competitively priced to offer cost savings. 

  • -Free mixing tip included with the purchase of each cartridge. 

  • -Larger cartridge size provides more coverage with each tube purchased.

  • -Advanced and sophisticated cartridge system designed to save time and improve the application process. 
Benefits include: 
  • -Twist-off cap which allows the cartridge to be sealed between uses.
  • -Cap and mixing tip only fit into the cartridge one way, preventing the occurrence of any cross contamination and eliminating any wasted material left in the tube.
  • -Cartridge fully locks into the applicator gun from the side before dispensing even begins.

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