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Dalric Lateral / Medial Aluminum Extension 3 Kit - EXT3 (Pair)

Dalric Lateral / Medial Aluminum Extension 3 Kit - EXT3 (Pair)

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For foals with a maximum foot width of 3 3/4" we offer the CS3 cuff that can be riveted to a predrilled 1/4 " aluminum extension.

Lateral Extensions used for:
  • Toe in Ankles (Varus) fetlocks
  • Bowed and Offset Knees
  • Bowed Hocks Optimal correction requires early application. (Birth to 2 months due to early physis closure.)
Medial Extensions used for:
  • Knock Knees (Valgus)
  • Valgus Hocks (Early correction offers better response.)

Note: This shoe has little or no effect on toe out rotational deformities. This deformity often appears to be a valgus fetlock which is extremely rare in developing young horses.

Reasons for Use:
  • Easy to apply (adjustable)
  • Dramatic results when used early
  • Enhances dynamic stability
  • Relieves stress on young bones
  • Minimizes hoof and joint distortion
Caution: remove shoes as recommended to avoid unwarranted pinching effect.

We do not recommend reusing the extensions. Inside the cuff there is a felt liner that acts as a release membrane so that when you remove the cuff it does not pull at the hoof wall.

Application kit includes: Epoxy glue, tape, cups, stirring sticks, gloves, screws, and detailed instructions.

Click below to learn how to apply Dalric Aluminum Extensions #3.

Dalric Extension #3 Instructions 

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