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ICAR AAPF 12" Nail Cutter With Magnets

ICAR AAPF 12" Nail Cutter With Magnets

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ICAR Farrier tools has teamed up with the American Association of Professional Farriers and the Canadian Association of Professional Farriers to help support the Farriers Assistance Fund. The Farriers Fund is a program that assists in the organization of short-term assistance, for a member who is not capable of working due to injury or illness.

$10.00 will be donated to the AAPF Farriers Assistance Fund for every ICAR/AAPF tool sold. Promotion ends February 28th, 2014.

The ICAR Nail Cutters feature an extremely easy cut of any size horseshoe nail. They feature the ICAR Comfort Grip handles and two Hercules magnets to help catch nail clippings. 

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