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Redden Offset Lateral & D.P. X-Ray Positioning Block (NR-2)

Redden Offset Lateral & D.P. X-Ray Positioning Block (NR-2)

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These wooden blocks are designed by Dr. Redden to offer you a consistent means of obtaining precision positioning of the digit for the lateral and D-P views. Dr. Redden strives to obtain all the information possible from his film and he has developed a very methodical, disciplined protocol designed for every radiographic examination. The wooden positioning block has multiple uses and offers many valuable diagnostic positions.
Dr. Redden updated the blocks by offsetting the cross wires so that the intersection is closer to the cassette and the cassette holder has been eliminated.

Unique features of the blocks:
  • Sold as singles or pairs as requested. Dr. Redden finds using two blocks assures accurate representation of radiographic balance (extremely valuable views for farriers).
  • Two blocks simplifies the task of radiographing extremely lame horses. The sound foot can be quickly set on one block and the other foot follows.
  • Block height is specific for each machine. Primary beam height should be approximately 3/4 inch (19.05mm) over the top of the block. This assures a true lateral offering accurate sole depth measurement, palmar angle, medial / lateral balance and, distal horn / lamellar zone. Exception: Saddlebreds, Walking Horses or others with a package or exceptionally long hoof capsule.
  • Cross wire imbedded in the face of each block clearly delineates the ground surface in the lateral projection and also D-P view; very helpful load zone marker for the bare foot. Dr. Redden uses Intropaste to clearly define the horn wall.
  • Dr. Redden advises that the foot should be placed so that it sits on the edge of the block touching the cassette. The alignment of the foot should be so that the line formed by the center of the heel and center of the toe run parallel to the long vertical cross hair. Ideally the short horizonal cross hair runs center of the foot and gives you a direct line to follow for your x-ray beam. Note: If the horse toes in or toes out, set your block accordingly to get an optimal shot.

Review Dr. Redden's monograph Radiography of the Equine Foot (Series One) to learn more about radiographic technique.

NR-2 Measurements

Height: 2 5/16 inches (58.7mm)
Width: 7 1/16 inches (179.4mm)
Length: 7 1/16 inches (179.4mm)

Compatible for MinXray HF8015 and HF8015+, TR80, TR90 and any x-ray unit that has a primary beam height of 3 to 3 1/4 inches.
We make custom blocks upon request. To determine the block you need, simply measure the center beam height (from the crosshairs to the ground) of your unit and subtract 3/4 of an inch (19.05mm) for block height. 

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