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Redden Navicular X-ray Block

Redden Navicular X-ray Block

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Aluminum 65 degree D.P. Positioning Block

This block can be used with any x-ray unit but some will require a tray for proper beam height alignment. We make trays for the MinXray HF80 or HF80+, HF 100/30, HF 100/40, HF8015, TR80 and TR90 x-ray units.

This unique positioning block designed by Dr. Redden assures repeatable, consistent, and precise positioning for 65 degree D.P. or 65 degree oblique and flexed lateral views. The block can be used without the aid of the X-ray machine tray and swing arm attachment.

Click here to review the different positions Dr. Redden uses the navicular block for his x-rays.

Note: Take the time to measure S.I.D. and also align the x-ray machine properly with the lines on the block. Click below for detailed instructions.

Redden Navicular Block Instructions

View MinXray's detailed MinXray Technique Chart.

Most standard cassettes measure 5/8 inch and vinyl/floppy cassettes measure 7/8 inch. Most digital cassettes measure 1 5/8 inch. 

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