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Dr. Redden's Advanced Equine Podiatry Course Daily Lecture Rate (September 10, 2019)

Dr. Redden's Advanced Equine Podiatry Course Daily Lecture Rate (September 10, 2019)

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September 10, 2019

1 Day Lecture $500 (Choose 1 Day or all 3 Days Sep 9 - 11, 2019) 
*Early Bird Rate Save $50 (10%) until Aug 1, 2019

Space is limited to 21 attendees.  Designed for those who have attended a previous equine podiatry course.  

This 5 day course is designed to teach veterinarians and farriers a revolutionary means of viewing the horses foot, from an internal as well external perspective, how to develop instinctive knowledge of the internal components and how the mechanical forces influence blood flow to vital growth centers. This is the key to maintaining health and enhancing the healing environment.

Course Syllabus 

Lecture topics include:
Monday September 9, 2019
  • -Reviews of the mechanical thought process and how it can set the stage for numerous foot issues
  • -Coffin bone fractures and therapeutic treatment options from the 4 month old foal to catastrophic multiple fractures
  • -How to treat career and life threatening hot nails, puncture wounds, and lacerations
  • -Angular deformities, as well as in high level athletes 
  • -Amputation as a viable option: Case selection, techniques, designing and building the temporary and permanent prosthesis, and aftercare

Tuesday September 10, 2019

  • -Optimum venogram information should be relative to the purpose of the exam. A look at the evidence that supports the benefits of visualizing the patency of the vascular tree.
  • -How to better understand the relationship of load and digital vascular perfusion in the sound horse Club foot, crushed heel, shallow thin sole ,robust foot etc.
  • -Interpreting the earliest signs of vascular alteration in the acute laminitic case relative to history and clinical signs and how to use it to tailor our mechanical protocol.
  • -Understanding the sequence of events of the low insult case that precede and set the stage for displacement when Emergency Mechanical Treatment (EMT) is taken too lightly or not even a consideration. How the sequence can be altered when using low level and high level mechanics.
  • -Studying the sequence of events in the moderate and high impact cases with and without efficient EMT

Wednesday September 11, 2019

  • -Understanding when and how to use the most efficient Mechanical Treatment relative to the stage of the syndrome ,clinical ,radiographic and venogram information. When, why and how to perform a deep flexor tenotomy and employ use of a pin cast.
  • -Life after a deep flexor tenotomy Dr. Raul Bras
  • -Students bring your choice case studies and have a short presentation for class review good, poor or miserable outcome, we will all learn from them.
  • -Questions pertaining to any covered topics.
Thursday September 12, 2019

Friday September 13, 2019

When veterinarians and farriers learn together they enhance their effectiveness when working together. 

R.F. Redden, DVM
8235 McCowans Ferry Rd
Versailles, KY 40383 

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8 AM - 5 PM

Morning and afternoon snacks and lunch will be provided daily. 

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Air Travel can be made into:
  • Lexington airport (LEX) 20 mile drive to R.F. Redden, DVM
  • Lousiville airport (SDF) 60 mile drive to R.F. Redden, DVM
  • Cincinnati airport (CVG) 90 mile drive to R.F. Redden, DVM

Ideally veterinarian and farrier teams but not mandatory.

Continuing Education:
This program 62-32512 is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 35.00 CE Credits (35.00 max) being available to any one veterinarian: and/or 35.00 Veterinary Technician CE Credits (35.00 max). This RACE approval is for the subject matter categories of: 
Category One: Scientific using the delivery method of Seminar/LectureLab/Wet Lab. This approval is valid in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB RACE; however, participants are responsible for ascertaining each board's CE requirements. RACE does not "accredit" or "endorse" or "certify" any program or person, nor does RACE approval validate the content of the program.

Payment Terms:  
Down payment of half required with Registration
Registration balance due on August 1, 2019
Includes Course, Lunch, and 2 daily Breaks.

Cancellation Policy:
$250 non-refundable, NO REFUNDS AFTER August 1, 2019. 

View the detailed driving Directions to IEPC.

If you are interested in attending future courses, call 859-983-6690 or Email Dr. Redden (


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