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Keystone Leather Pads (Bundle of 12 Pair)

Keystone Leather Pads (Bundle of 12 Pair)

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Why Leather?
It conforms to the hoof for a custom fit - allowing for peculiarities while maximizing comfort. As a result foreign materials are less likely to become trapped between the pad and the sole.

It provides better traction for the horse - reduces slipping injuries.

Leather "breathes" - the hoof sweats less - and the opportunity for thrush to incubate decreases.

It allows moisture to penetrate evenly and naturally yet not become trapped.

It is less likely to shift, holds medication well and absorbs shock.

Leather won't crush heels!

It's easy to work with leather.

It stacks well for gaited horses.

It is disposable and biodegradable - safer for the environment. 

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