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Vettec Sil-Pak (Case of 12)

Vettec Sil-Pak (Case of 12)

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Vettec's unique liquid silicone packing material flows under the pad and into every crevice for superior cushion and retention.  Sil-Pak's medical grade quality ensures a clean sole upon removal (no cheesy sole).  Sil-Pak has a 1 minute set time, 2 minute to weight bearing, fills all voids and retains it's shape under the pad.

The silcone packing material is automatically dispensed under a pad to cushion, seal and protect the equine foot.

Sil-Pak 180 cc Cartridge to be used with a Vettec Dispensing gun. Sold Separately.

What is Sil-Pak?
Sil-Pak is a fast setting, high-grade liquid silicone dispensed under an equine pad in order to completely fill all airspace and provide cushion.

How long does it take Sil-Pak to set?
Sil-Pak sets in one minute at between 65°F and 85°F.  Warmer temperatures may speed up set time.  Cooler temperatures may slow set time.

Does Sil-Pak bond to the foot?
Sil-Pak does not bond to the foot, and when used with a hospital plate, is removable for treatment.

Will Sil-Pak migrate or come out?
No.  Though it does not bond to the foot like Equi-Pak, Sil-Pak flows into every contour of the foot.  This prevents it from moving around and being displaced under the horse’s weight.

Does Sil-Pak get hot?
Sil-Pak generates almost no heat.

Can I use Sil-Pak without a pad?
Sil-Pak is designed for use with a pad or hospital plate since it does not bond to the sole and frog.

How long does Sil-Pak last?
Sil-Pak should last the life of the shoeing cycle, and remains flexible indefinitely.

What effect does Sil-Pak have on the sole and frog?
Sil-Pak leaves a clean, well conditioned sole and frog primarily because it does not contain acids often found in other low grade silicones, such as those found in hardware stores and home centers.  When acid based silicones are placed against the sole and frog, the acid does what acids do, break down whatever it comes in contact with.  The result is a cheesy, smelly sole and frog.

Can I use any type of pad with Sil-Pak?
Yes, Sil-Pak can be used with any pad or hospital plate that leaves space between the sole and the pad .

Can Sil-Pak be used on laminitic or founder cases?
Sil-Pak is designed to fill space and provide cushion.  When true support is needed, Equi-Pak and Equi-Build are much better at absorbing and displacing load and vibration.  Founder and Laminitis cases should always be treated under the guidance of a qualified farrier and/or equine veterinarian. 


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