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Lacerum PDGF Desiccated Powder (10mL) - For Sale To Veterinarians Only

Lacerum PDGF Desiccated Powder (10mL) - For Sale To Veterinarians Only

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Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder is a platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) product used to promote tissue regeneration and to repair tissue deficit. Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder replaces Lacerum® Frozen Equine PRP (Plasma Rich Protein) Gel. This freeze-dried version of Equine PRP Gel eliminates the need to ship on dry ice, keep frozen until use, and has a shelf life of 2.5 years. Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder reduces scarring and helps to eliminate infection by promoting the rapid regeneration of granulation tissue. The equine platelet-rich plasma solution is designed for topical application to promote healing of wounds. Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder is prepared in a closed system from allergenic/homologous equine whole blood. The resulting solution has a platelet count range between 1.8×1011 and 8.4×101 . When re-constituted with sterile water, the platelets release substances that aid in the wound healing process. Efficacy was demonstrated by evaluation of time to heal when compared to conventional treatment, and reduction or elimination of scarring as demonstrated by lack of change in hair color and skin pigmentation.

Indications and Usage:
Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder is indicated for the topical treatment of disinfected wounds requiring the growth of granulation tissue. Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder is safe for any soft tissue applications. Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder will promote angiogenesis.

Dosage and Administration:
Combine 1 vial of Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder with 1 vial of sterile water. Gently mix for 3 minutes and Lacerum® PDGF is ready to apply. Lacerum® PDGF can be drawn up in a syringe and applied to wound dressing or Lacerum® PDGF can be applied directly into the wound. Bandage and leave in place for 36 hours. Evaluate progress and re-apply as indicated.

Contact Nanric (877-462-6742) for consultation if the wound shows signs of infection or if no signs of healing occur within 8 days.
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