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E-Learning Videos

View Dr. Redden's Online Equine Podiatry Course Videos hosted by The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) or Subscribe to the NANRIC video channel on .

Below are instructional videos from Dr. Redden. We sell these videos but have also posted them online for educational purposes. Visit our Instructional Videos Section if you would like to purchase one.

Advance Cushion Support Instruction Video includes:

2019 Tex Cauthen Memorial Seminar: Dr. Redden
"Evidence Based Practice"

2018 Tex Cauthen Memorial Seminar: Dr. Redden
"How to Lock In On What We See and How This Helps Us With Trimming and Shoeing Decisions"

Four Point Trim Video

How to Make an Equine Foot Mold Video

Quarter Crack Repair Video

Shoeing the Laminitic Horse Video includes: Venogram Procedure performed by Amy Rucker,DVM and Roger Shaw, DVM

Veterinarian Quick Takes: Amy Rucker
Venograms Guiding Shoe Selection In Laminitic Horses

Veterinarian Quick Takes: Ric Redden
Success In Acute Cases Of Laminitis