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Nanric Four Point Farrier Finder

The farriers and veterinarians listed on our web page are Four Point enthusiasts; qualified at various levels with a variety of breeds and specific sports. Many of those listed have regularly attended the annual Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium held in Louisville, Kentucky, in their continued search for knowledge of equine podiatry. Others have attended Dr. Redden's week-long Equine Podiatry Courses and have worked directly under the eye of Dr. Redden in his exclusive podiatry clinic in Versailles, Kentucky.

The four point protocol has tremendous potential to enhance the healing environment of the foot allowing it to heal at optimum rate. Dr. Redden frequently uses radiographs to precisely describe soft tissue parameters of the internal structures before applying a precise trim and/or therapeutic four point shoe, whether for the high level performance horse or life threatening laminitis. One of his life long goals is to teach professionals how to logically approach the planning stage of treating numerous foot problems. Many of those listed on this web page have become dedicated to the same and they are interested in helping you.

Signifies the Farrier or Vet attended Dr. Redden's Equine Podiatry 101 Series.

Signifies the Farrier or Vet attended Dr. Redden's Equine Podiatry 101 & 201 Series.

If you are a Four Point Farrier and would like to be listed here, please visit our Contact Us page. Be sure to select the "I'm a Four Point Farrier" as your subject and include the following: Name, Full Address, Email, and Phone Number.