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Instructions for Using Advance Cushion Support™

Advance Cushion Support (ACS) is a heat sensitive material with a set-up time of three to four minutes at 75 degrees F (22 degrees C). Extreme changes in temperature will affect set-up time.

During cold weather, store ACS in a warm area to facilitate set-up time. Warming the jars in water is helpful, but do not overheat. Overheating will cause the ACS to set too quickly.

During hot weather, store ACS in a cool area approximately 50 degrees - 60 degrees F. When you are mixing a large amount of ACS, it is imperative that you have a slower set time. Experiment to find the temperature and set-up time that works best for you.

Mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B in the palm of your hand. Vigorously twist and fold the material until it becomes uniform in color. Apply the cushion support to the foot, working the material quickly.

Measuring How Much to Use
Lay the shoe on the trimmed foot. Estimate the amount of Part A that you will need to fill half the necessary space. Mix an equal amount of Part B with Part A. This technique should allow you to fill the area with little or no waste. If you are mixing a large amount, have someone help you mix the materials. It will cut your mixing time in half.

Uses and Amounts

Size 5 4-8 ounces
Size 7 4-8 ounces
Size 8 5-12 ounces
Size 9 5-12 ounces

Mix Advance Cushion Support (ACS) and shape it into a pancake approximately 1/2” thick and 5” in diameter. Place it inside the Ultimate. Slide the Ultimate on the foot and set it on the ground. The weight of the horse will spread the ACS evenly over the sole, frog and sulci. Pick the foot up quickly to prevent excess ACS from pushing out the back of the Ultimate.

Hold the foot up, if possible, until the ACS is cured. Remove the Ultimate, check for excess ACS and trim a depression in the ACS where the circumflex vessel would be found. This will offer maximum arch support. Apply the Ultimate using a cotton pastern wrap and 4” Elasticon™ tape. You can also apply it using glue such as Equilox.
ACS & Ultimates
Advanced Cushion Support and Ultimates work well together when treating laminitis. Laminitis is a devastating, often fatal, secondary disease with a large scale of damage that can influence the outcome. ACS is used as an aid to support the arch of the sole, and works well when used with adequate heel elevation and zero digital breakover.
Dalric Extensions and B Cuffs
As the glue is being mixed for the extension or cuffs, begin mixing your ACS. Place it on the frog area of the foot immediately before the shoe is applied. The amount you use will be dependent on the size of the foot.

Use 4-6 ounces per foot underneath a pad for extra support.

Eggbars and Heartbars
Place 2-4 ounces under the bar as the shoe is applied.
Aluminum Rail Shoes for Laminitic Horses
Use approximately 12-24 ounces per foot. The rail height and depth of the hoof cavity will dictate the amount you will actually use. It is typically better to use too much ACS than not enough. Once the ACS has set, any excess can be trimmed away with a shoeing knife. Filling the cavity with ACS will distribute load over a large area and provide a resilient arch support for laminitic cases.
Full Sole Support Pad
When shoes are not indicated, apply 1/2” to 3/4” over the entire sole. You may want to use two layers of screen for reinforcement. This custom sole pad is held in place with a cotton foot bandage, applied up to the level of the ankle, and secured with Vetwrap™.
The mesh screen is used as a nail-on aid and to reinforce the ACS. When using the mesh, apply half of the ACS into the desired area. Press the mesh into this layer, apply the shoe tightly, fold the screen over the heels of the shoe, quickly work the remaining ACS into the holes, and fill the shoe cavity. Trim away any excess ACS.

Mesh screen is available for purchase by the square or by the roll on our website. 
Advance Cushion Support Instructional Video
Nanric Inc. offers a detailed instructional video about Advance Cushion Support. In the video, Dr. Ric Redden demonstrates the many uses of this product in conjunction with:

  • Ultimates
  • Aluminum Four-Point Shoes
  • Bar Shoes
  • Post-op Pressure Molds
  • Dalric Glue-On Shoes
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