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International Equine Podiatry Center (IEPC)

Non-Profit Organization
is a non-profit organization designed to reverse the effects of equine foot disease. Our goals are to heal, reverse pain, and advance the science of equine podiatry. IEPC is affiliated with the only exclusive equine podiatry center in the horse world.

Exclusive Equine Podiatry Practice
An innovative approach to veterinary medicine evolved out of the efforts of Dr. Ric Redden, horseman, farrier and veterinarian, from Versailles, Kentucky.

He brought a new approach to the practice of veterinary medicine that is followed worldwide. Known for his basic fundamentals and dedication to education, this concept has added a new dimension to foot science. The finite focus that Dr. Redden has utilized over the years has accelerated progress in all aspects of equine podiatry.

This concept has spread throughout the horse world offering farriers and veterinarians a source of valuable information in their quest to conquer the effects of foot disease.

Advancing the Science
IEPC has pioneered universally accepted treatment regimes for numerous life and career threatening syndromes such as laminitis, horse founder, club feet, angular limb deformities, white line disease, prosthetic limbs and others. IEPC research and development remains a world leader on the cutting edge of technology.

Projects include an in-depth study of normal coffin bone development from birth to maturity, the genetic linkage hypothesis concerning club feet, and amputee candidates with prosthesis.

Education and Communication
IEPC has an unsurpassable dedication for sharing knowledge. We thrive on harmony and warm working relationships that are fueled with continued education. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with those eager to learn. Our goal is to provide a source for better, more cost effective equine podiatry.

IEPC sponsors the annual Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky that is attended by hundreds of farriers and veterinarians from around the world. Other in-depth symposiums have been held in Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and Norway.

IEPC has an unique international consulting service that offers farriers and veterinarians a direct line of communication to state-of-the-art technique and treatment protocol. IEPC became a reality due to our dedication and commitment to share knowledge.