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ProSoft™ Instructions

This unique product was designed to be used as a molding compound. Dr. Redden has found it to be a very helpful aid for treating several foot problems that need a very soft cushion support. It can be used in conjunction with Advance Cushion Support (ACS), or it can be used in place of the ACS when a softer cushion is needed.

This product has a slower set time. It is best to pre-make the desired wedge or heel application prior to putting the shoe or device on. Warming the tube greatly reduces set time, making it possible to use on some cases while holding the foot up.

ProSoft is a very durable product that has great recall, making it an efficient energy sink.

Dr. Redden has found the following uses for ProSoft:
  • A stump protector for amputees
  • Inside the Modified Ultimate on extremely lame, thin sole cases
  • In the heel zone as a custom fit pad or wedge for sore / underrun heels combined with a variety of shoes
  • Inside casts to reduce or treat existing cast sores with easily prepared custom-shaped pads/bumpers

You will find many uses for this product.

ProSoft Cartridge Cap Removal
Approximately ¾" of the distal cap of the cartridge must be removed before applying the mixing tip.
Take a pair of needlenose pliers and gently snap the the cap off the end of the cartridge to open the dispensing holes.
If you do not have access to pliers, turn the cartridge so the open sides of the cap are horizontal to the ground.

Remove the cap by striking the tip on the edge of a hard surface with a sharp blow.
Now you are ready to apply the mixing tip and dispense the desired amount.

Sealing the Cartridge
When you have finished the application, let the product setup in the mixing tip. Then cut off, leaving approximately 1" of the tip. This will preserve the rest of the cartridge, facilitate storage and prevent breaking of the attachment if dropped.

ProSoft is very resilient yet tough. Extremely heel sore horses can benefit from the cushion and support that ProSoft offers. Set time is too slow to apply to the foot; therefore you must build the pad, full wedge, buttress wedge, heel elevation, etc. prior to applying the finished product.

ProSoft with the NANRIC Ultimate for Short or Long Term Rehab
Full pad effect: the foot side of the Ultimate should be bubble level. See photo. (Top line being level with anvil)
Full wedge: The toe will be higher than bubble level.
Tilt the Ultimate to obtain the desired pad shape and degree of angle.

Creating a Buttress Wedge
Place a piece of duct tape around the back of the Ultimate heel.
Draw the ProSoft wedge you wish to create.
Lift the toe of the Ultimate so line A is horizontal to the anvil surface.
The toe should be raised enough to let the ProSoft puddle in the back 1/3 or 1/4 of the Ultimate, depending on the length of buttress support required.

Drill several 1/4" holes in the foot side of the Ultimate (heel area) prior to injecting the ProSoft.
This helps anchor the ProSoft buttress wedge and will prevent it from slipping out the back.

Inject the ProSoft into the NANRIC Ultimate.
The product will level before setting up.
The cure time is approximately 5 minutes depending on temperature.

The finished product will have a uniform shape and will provide a super soft buttress wedge.