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Dr. Redden's 2024 Equine Podiatry Courses
Jul 10-12 & Aug 7-9

Dr. Redden's 2024 3 Day Equine Podiatry Principles Course will held at his clinic (8235 McCowans Ferry Rd, Versailles, KY  40383) shown above.  Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your knowledge and insight for understanding and treating foot issues. Farriers and veterinarians are equally responsible for the task at hand, therefore the career and or life of the horse rest in their hands. Developing a clear mind, interpreting X-rays, and the mechanical thought process is the key and common ground that can enhance the efforts and success of the vet/farrier team. Learn together and work better together.

This course is designed to teach why and how X-ray information sets the stage for the collaborative efforts of the respected team members. The mechanical thought process offers an exciting out of the box approach and requires professional comradery.


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