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E-Z-Paste / Intropaste (16 oz)
The previous barium paste sold by Nanric was called Intropaste. Nanric now offers E-Z-Paste® , which is also a radiopaque paste that provides excellent radiographic visualization of the true hoof wall. One tube contains 454 grams (16 oz). Applied in a continuous bead (pencil size) from the coronary band to the ground surface the paste appears as an opaque (white line) on your film (ref. Radiography of the Equine Foot). Due to the very thin depth of horn at the most proximal crown of the hoof wall the actual horn margin is never visible on even the softest penetrating views. Dr. Redden uses the paste as it provides more information than his previous wire technique. At best, the wire only touches the high spots along the face of the wall.

The paste has many advantages:
  • Quick and easy to apply. Dr. Redden squeezes E-Z-Paste® into a 20 cc syringe for easier and consistent application. You can then tape the syringe casing to the side of your x-ray machine so that the syringe of E-Z-Paste® is readily available.
  • Wipes off easily with a paper towel moistened with alcohol. Use one continuous wipe to avoid smearing.
  • Clearly defines all growth rings and abnormal curvatures along the face of the capsule (valuab