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NANRIC Biotin Bites™
  • We now offer Biotin Bites™ made with Dr. Redden's Extra Strength Biotin 100™. 

    • Feeding 10 treats per day delivers 100 mg of Biotin and 50 mg of DL-Methionine.
    • This feeding is recommended for a 1000 lb+ mature horse.
    • One 14 oz bag is a 7 day supply.
    • Store Biotin Bites in the provided airtight bag to maintain freshness.
    • Recommended shelf life is 6 months. 


    Our simple and straightforward ingredients include:

    Flax Seed, Rolled Oats, Whole Wheat Flower, Molasses, All natural Apple Sauce, Extra Strength Biotin 100™

    Extra Strength Biotin 100™ was formulated by Dr. Ric Redden over 30 years ago for his personal podiatry cases. Biotin has long been noted as a supplement that aids natural keratinization process. Hair and horn (hoof capsule) are constantly undergoing growth, maturation and keratinization.  To maintain the ultimate quality and freshness we hand scoop all our Biotin100 in-house.  


    NANRIC Biotin Bites™

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