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About the Author

Ric Redden D.V.M, Equine Podiatry Pioneer

Dr. Redden is known worldwide as the leading pioneer for the highly focused field of equine podiatry. Developing the very first exclusive podiatry practice and clinic over 4 decades ago. Dr Redden has also been dedicated to teaching farriers and veterinarians his many innovative concepts and techniques. 

His work and that of his students have set a new and exciting benchmark for the standard of care for many common career and life-threatening foot issues. This is the first time his in-depth teaching has been offered online.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to learn from this unique teaching experience.

Success Through Collaborative Efforts

Between Vets and Farriers

A Union Of Skills And Knowledge

Equine podiatry has become a household word among veterinarians and farriers throughout the horse world. This field of professional service requires both farrier and veterinary knowledge and skills, and a step beyond and above the routine duties and responsibility of their respective professions. 

Careers and lives are on the line and success is possible with collaborative efforts of a competent vet / farrier team. Unfortunately, no formal educational program exists to date.

If you want to take your skill set and vet / farrier team success to the next level, the video series is available on the NANRIC eLearning video portal.


NANRIC  Partnership With Global Continuing Education Distributor


Bringing Education Closer

NANRIC's has formed a strategic partnership with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA), a global provider of specialist continuing education platforms.

Together our aim is to make it easier for farriers to access the best courses on equine podiatry - no matter where in the world they live. Registering on the NANRIC education portal is free and members only need to pay for individual courses. 

The portal has many features including an Education Tracker which records and monitors all your learning progress. You can also add external education to it, helping you keep track of all your online studies in one place.

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