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DHC 2000 Gas Welding Torch Kit

    Portable Welding and Cutting Oxyacetylene Torch
    The unique design of the DHC 2000 pistol grip torch enables high strength welding and cutting of virtually any metal even difficult materials such as aluminum and stainless steel with only limited operator experience and training.DHC 2000 also enhances welding capabilities of ordinary materials. For example you can weld and cut the thinnest sheet metals with little or no distortion.

    The torch comes complete with everything needed for welding, brazing, and cutting almost any material. Kit contents include: a torch body, common welding tips, sheet metal and plate cutting attachments, cutting tip guide wheels, tip cleaners, instructional DVD, and a comprehensive instruction manual.  View the online DHC 2000 Manual.


    • Over the course of 30 years, the manufacture names include: Detroit, Cobra, Henrob, and Dillon.  
    • The DHC2000 Torch cuts steel like plasma - welds like TIG.
    • Welds most difficult metals including aluminum, stainless steel, chromemoly, cast iron, sheet metal and more.
    • Causes less distortion than MIG - and results in fine soft weld joints - perfect for custom work.
    • Requires only 4 PSI for both the oxygen and acetylene.
    • Up to 50% - 70% gas savings.
    • Made in the USA since 1982 and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

    If you are welding aluminum shoes, Dr. Redden advises that the DHC 2000 is a must have!

    Standard Kit includes:

    • Instructional DVD
    • One pistol grip torch 
    • 5 welding tips (#0, 0.5, 1, 2, 3) 
    • 1 cutting tip (copper)
    • 2 cutters - Undercutter and Overcutter with Guide Wheels (sheet & plate)
    • Check valves for safety
    • Spark Striker
    • Wrench and tip cleaners
    • Comprehensive Instruction Manual


    *Always wear the proper clothing, including gloves and a minimum of #5 shade safety glasses and face protection welding or cutting metal.

    DHC 2000 Gas Welding Torch Kit

    SKU: DQ8NU3OCUX - Bin 3A