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E-Book: Dr. Redden's In-Equine Podiatry Principles (2016)

NOTE: *Available in e-Book format only.  Once you purchase the notes, you will receive an emailed sales receipt with a  pdf download link.

This eBook was written for farriers and veterinarians that have a strong desire to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of Equine Podiatry. Radiographic and venogram information coupled with dependable mechanical concepts can open the doors of opportunity for career and life threatening foot issues. 

Chapters include:

  •  How to Better Understand What We See
  • How to Obtain the Most Informative Radiographs
  • How to Correlate Soft Tissue Parameter Information with External Landmarks
  • How to Use the Radiographic Blueprint for Optimum Results
  • How to Understand the Mechanical Formula
  • How to Enhance Heel Mass for the Treatment of Crushed Heels
  • Selecting the Optimum Mechanical Shoe for a Variety of Disiplines and Issues
  • How to Use Radigraphs to Tweak the Plan
  • Laminitis Revisited
  • The Pros and Cons of Deep Flexor Tenotomy
  • Interpreting Radiographs and Venograms Relative to the History and Gross Evidence

(132 pages) *Available in e-Book format only 

E-Book: Dr. Redden's In-Equine Podiatry Principles (2016)