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Ric Redden, DVM - Equine Podiatry Pioneer

Dr. Redden is known worldwide as the leading pioneer for the highly focused field of equine podiatry. Developing the very first exclusive podiatry practice and clinic over 4 decades ago. Dr Redden has also been dedicated to teaching farriers and veterinarians his many innovative concepts and techniques. His work and that of his students have set a new and exciting benchmark for the standard of care for many common career and life-threatening foot issues.


Our on-demand videos feature Dr. Redden's in-depth equine podiatry principles and mechanical concepts.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn on your own timeline.  

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Jan 20, 2019

Dr. Redden's lecture at the 2019 Tex Cauthen Memorial Seminar


Jul 18, 2015

Prosthetics vet still waiting for first thoroughbred patient


Jan 21, 2018

Dr. Redden's lecture at the 2018 Tex Cauthen Memorial Seminar