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E-Book Understanding Laminitis (1998)

NOTE: As this is an out-of-print book it is only available in e-Book format. Once you purchase the book, you will receive an emailed sales receipt with a download link. 

Laminitis elicits fear among horsemen. Here veterinary authority Ric Redden peels away some of the mystery surrounding the syndrome. Redden discusses how to spot the signs of laminitis, what happens inside the horse's foot when laminitis strikes, and a step-by-step approach to shoeing and treating the laminitic horse. 

Understanding Laminitis was written by Dr. Redden as a basic teaching format for those wanting to understand more about this devastating disease. Laminitis is a very complex secondary syndrome that continues to hold many secrets but fortunately much progress has been made in this field.This book will help you better understand what is happening to the sensitive structures hidden within the foot. 

Dr. Redden's practice remains the sole equine podiatry practice in the horse world. His extensive experience with unprecedented numbers has carried him throughout the world working with difficult cases as farrier and veterinarian. Dr. Redden suggests a meaningful grading system that simplifies the classification of degree of damage to the digits. His treatment protocol is directly influenced by the scale of damage. 

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Original Book Details 
Title: Understanding Laminitis 
Author: Redden, Ric DVM 
Illustrator: Original Illustrations By the Author 
Format/binding: Paperback 
Publisher: The Blood-Horse, Inc. 
Place: Lexington, Kentucky 
Date Published: 1998, 2007 
ISBN-10: 0939049988 
EAN (ISBN-13): 978-0939049981 
Pages:141 Pages 
Weight: .55lb / 0,249 kg 
Language: English/eng 

E-Book Understanding Laminitis (1998)