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J Nunn Drop Blade Knife

    These Straight and Drop blade knives are a unique design made from high quality British steel. The comfortable handle grip resembles a pastern, the brass horseshoe positioned on the handle butt is very useful when hot fitting or applying pressure to the hot shoe without damaging the shoe. This is a strong, high quality knife manufactured with Jim Blurton's knowledge and experience combined with Jon Nunn's innovative farriery concepts. A unique Loop knife design made from high quality British steel with a long curved blade and a narrow tip. Unlike other loop knives, this versatile blade enables the knife to go deep into the frog clefts when trimming. The Abscess loop knife is especially designed to allow you to carefully track abscesses or remove damaged or infected hoof wall or sole. Ideal for when trimming acute laminitics and when careful removal of horn is required close to the sensitive structures.

    J Nunn Drop Blade Knife