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NANRIC ULTRA SOFT™ 200cc Cartridge
  • Available in 200cc cartridges and includes 2 Mixing Tips

    Sold as Singles or in a Case of 6.


    NANRIC ULTRA SOFT™ Sole Support is a superior pour pad for horses feet.   
    • High flexibility, durability, and impact resistance – ideal for filling soles needing protection and support.
    • Absorbs shock and pounding and gives support and protection for the flat-footed or thin-soled horses.
    • ULTRA SOFT™ is a Shore A40 so is somewhat softer than our ULTRA PAD™.
    • Leaves the frog in perfect condition. 
    • Attaches directly to the sole and provides protection, support, and comfort for horses with hoof problems.
    • Is a supplemetary filling material for hooves.
    • Fast curing, and seals against moisture, dirt, and sand.
    • ULTRA SOFT™ can be used with any 200 or 210cc dispensing gun and mixing tips.
    • Easily recapped and stored for future use.
    • Made in the EU.
    • SKU - US40







    NANRIC ULTRA SOFT™ 200cc Cartridge

    SKU: NUS40 - 8A4
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    $20.00Sale Price