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Paniolo Hoof Support (Each)

The Paniolo Hoof Support is a 100% breathable pad that will provide instant relief from the onset of laminitis and other hoof conditions.  Paniolo Hoof Support will not cure your laminitic horse, but will make it more comfortable and help with its rehabilitation. Always seek an expert opinion from your veterinarian and farrier.


  • The Paniolo Hoof Support will protect bruised soles and puncture wounds.
  • It will poultice corns when used with medicated gel.
  • Provides protection to a hoof that has lost a shoe.
  • Will help prevent pedal bone rotation on opposite limb pre/post surgery.
  • Instant relief from laminitis
  • 100% breathable
  • Distributes weight bearing
  • Easy to apply


Available in four sizes based on the width of the foot at the widest point.

  • Extra Small    10cm/ 4 inches
  • Small    14cm/ 5 1/2 inches
  • Medium    17cm/ 6 5/8 inches
  • Large    19cm/ 7 1/2 inches



Paniolo Hoof Support (Each)