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Paniolo Leg Splint (Each)
  • Paniolo Leg Splint

    The Paniolo Leg Splint has been designed with the intention of applying at the scene of injury; the racecourse, polo field or event. Likewise it can also be used post surgery at the clinic. It is easy to apply and can enable the horse to be removed from the field to the surgery as quickly as possible. Just as easy to remove and reapply.  (See video above in image gallery.)

    Features and Benefits:

    • Can be molded at the scene of injury or pre-molded.
    • 100% breathable
    • Provides essential support for bone fractures, tendon and ligament tears and ruptures, and wound management.
    • Can be washed, dried out and reused
    • Designed with the thoroughbred in mind, but can be used on all horses and ponies.
    • The splint is made from an inner layer of air dry foam and resin, and an outer hard polyester shell. The air dry foam provides a protective layer around the limb and acts as a barrier between the polyester shell so as to not create further issues with skin abrasions.
    • The splint will set to molded status in ten to twenty minutes.


    There are four different sizes for the age six months and above:


    • Small – 15cm wide x 100cm long – this will sit just below the knee
    • Medium – 15cm x120cm – this should sit just on the knee
    • Medium+ – 16.5cm x 120cm – this should sit just on the knee
    • Large – 15cm x 140cm – this will go above the knee.


    There are five sizes for foals:

    • Foal large – 12.5cm wide x 140cm long
    • Foal small – 12.5cm wide x 100cm long
    • Foal extra small – 11cm wide x 80cm long
    • Dorsal Splint – 14cm wide x 32cm long – this is a dorsal splint that has a much thicker outer shell and will be very rigid. For the use on newborn foal congenital flexural deformities. Available with foam.
    • There is a smaller size for small animals – 10cm wide x 30cm long (Special Order Only)


    Paniolo Leg Splint (Each)