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RG Journeyman Driving Hammer
  • Design:

    Toolmaker and farrier, Roger Grant, developed and patented this superior design after several years of using various horseshoeing hammers that were out on the commercial market but never finding one that suited him. Finally, he called upon his past experience as a tool and die maker, acquired some tool steel, and went to work at his milling machine to build his own unique design. After a lot of research and development, he finally created one that he liked and the "Journeyman" was born.

    Still seeking perfection, he took it around with him and let other horseshoers try it, asking for their input on possible improvements. They told him that the only thing he needed to do was build one for them!

    The finished product is a hammer that is not only appealing to the eye, but the "Journeyman" functions as well as it looks.

    RG Journeyman Driving Hammer