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Dr. Redden's 2020 Equine Podiatry Courses
Planning your 2020? Dr. Redden has announced the dates for his 2 courses.

Equine Podiatry Course (Aug 3 - 7, 2020)
Equine Podiatry Course (Aug 31 - Sep 4, 2020)

Please call 877-462-6742 to preregister as Dr. Redden is currently working on the new course material and we will post as soon as available.

NANRIC Catalog
Our latest Catalog features 48 pages of tried and true equine podiatry products, updated prices, and several new products from Dr. Redden.

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Dr. Redden's Online Equine Podiatry Courses
hosted by The World Continuing Education Alliance

    What makes these courses unique?
  • Produced by world's leading pioneer of equine podiatry, Dr. Redden
  • First time that these indepth teachings are being offered online 
  • Benchmark for the standard of care for many common career and life-threatening foot issues
  • Innovative concepts and techniques to take your vet / farrier team relationship to a new level of success

Dr. Redden's Notes
When and Why (or Why Not) to Use Toe Extensions
Written by Dr. Redden - Nov 2018

For those wanting to use toe extensions for foals, think about the forces at play that are responsible for the club foot.  Would it not be better to reduce the tension on the DDFT and bypass the ill effects of thinning the sole, slowing the growth, creating a dish and increasing heel growth? One can reduce the tension responsible for the club foot by using the properly applied rocker concept to accelerates sole and toe growth, reduce heel growth and prevent the dish from forming.  The mature horse with a Grade 2 or 3 can respond very nicely with the same concept that is used to manage it in the young horse and remain competitive in the rocker shoe.

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We have partnered with Vets First Choice and now offer an Online Pharmacy to bring you even more quality products. Browse the extensive selection and get free shipping on most orders over $49.

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