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2017 Catalog
Our latest Catalog features 48 pages of tried and true equine podiatry products, updated prices, and several new products from Dr. Redden.

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Equine Podiatry Notes
How to Identify, Classify and Manage Club Feet
Club feet are one of the most common deformities throughout the horse world.  There are many unverified hypothesis regarding the trigger mechanism for this syndrome, however none have been scientifically proven.

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Equine Podiatry Notes
The Mechanical Formula
The term "mechanics" is a fairly new term the author uses to describe how the foot deals with energy and the forces at play. Large volumes of clinical evidence and observation of the very potent effects the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) has on the foot indicate is is the key to understanding the mechanics of the foot.

NANRIC was established to provide a service link between Dr. Ric Redden's innovative concepts and the many products that he routinely uses for his podiatry cases and horse founder. NANRIC is owned by Nancy Redden, the former owner of Advance Equine and Kentucky Blacksmith Supply.

We offer the latest in specialized technology and information that is available for the health and care of the equine foot. NANRIC Ultimates (Redden Modified Ultimates) , Advance Cushion Support , Aluminum Four Point Shoes , Biotin 100, and Dalric Products Glue Technology are just a few of the specialty products that we offer.
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