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WTS Lateral Support
The WTS Lateral Support comes in two models. The WTS Lateral Support Light is made of 6 mm thick aluminium for the WTS Light shoe, and the WTS Lateral Support Solid is made of 5 mm thick aluminium for the WTS Solid shoe and the WTS Soft Heel models. The Lateral Support offers a broad bearing surface and is very light, as it is made of aluminium. It is screwed onto the shoe. This has the advantage that it can be easily removed and screwed back on during a shoeing period, without having to remove the shoe.

The WTS Lateral Support can be cut along the marking lines to make the WTS Lateral Support Short. It is often used on the hind feet, as support for the stifle and hock joints. The long lateral support can be used in cases of toe in conformation, collateral ligament problems and to stabilise the limb on soft ground.

WTS Lateral Support for the lateral support of the limb.

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WTS Lateral Support

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