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Banana Shoe

Banana Shoe

The rock-n-roll shoe is also known as the banana, plantain, platano, rocker, or convex shoe. The term "rock-n-roll" is a concept that refers to the process of rockering or applying a belly to any of our four point shoes.

For example:

Most commonly we will take a 4 point rail shoe and rocker it or shape it like a banana after reading radiographs and determining the palmar angle and where we want breakover to be.

The radiographs below show before and after.

The same can be done to our 4 point, 4 point race, and 4 point club shoes.

The picture above shows the radius or the amount of rocker in a race shoe when looking at the ground surface side.

We have also added a Full Rocker shoe that is manufactured with a belly or rocker shape. This makes the shoe more user friendly because the foot side remains flat and the ground surface side is rockered.

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