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How to Measure the Palmer Angle

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The palmar/plantar angle is one of the five soft-tissue parameters that Dr. Redden measures regularly as part of his radiographic protocol. This angle can be accurately measured on a true lateral radiograph and is useful when designing a treatment regime for a number of foot pathologies.

It is important to remember that palmar refers to front feet while plantar refers to hind feet.

The simple steps below will help you measure the palmar/plantar angle.

Step 1

Locate the wings of PIII.

Step 2

Beginning at the heel, draw a straight line underneath the wings and along the solar surface of PIII. Extend this line until it touches the ground surface.

Step 3

Draw a straight line at the ground surface or one parallel to the ground surface.

Be sure this line and the line you drew in Step 2 intersect.

Step 4

Using a protractor, measure the angle where the two lines meet.

In this case, the palmar angle is positive 10 degrees.

Negative Palmar Angle

In some instances the palmar angle can actually be negative as shown in this case.

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