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Aluminum 4 Point Railbar Shoe™ (Each)

Note: All NANRIC aluminum shoes are creased but not punched as the position and pitch of the nail hole is best left up to the farrier's discretion.

Dr. Redden has developed the Aluminum 4 Point Railbar Shoe for the sole purpose of having an aluminum rail shoe equipped with a frog and heel cushion support.

The basic rail shoe has become very useful in treating a variety of common foot problems when significant deep digital flexor tension needs to be addressed. Shaping the rail shoe with a rockered ground surface, with a gentle to heavy breakover positioned directly beneath the center of articulation, greatly enhances the mechanical components of the shoe.

Horses with severely underrun heels often suffer significant compression of the digital cushion, collapsed heel tubules and bars. Most will have a large healthy frog that protrudes well below the heel tubules.

The bar adds a significant support system to the rail and the rockered rail shoes.

Needless to say, using rockered rail shoes is technique sensitive. Using radiographs, and having a working knowledge of how to obtain and interpret radiographs, are essential for consistent results. Pathological shoeing of any fashion is high-risk without informative film.

Aluminum 4 Point Railbar Shoe™ (Each)