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Aluminum Buttress Eggbar Shoe Hind Pattern w/ Insert (Each)
Note: All NANRIC aluminum shoes are creased but not punched as the position and pitch of the nail hole is best left up to the farrier's discretion.

The Aluminum 4 Point Buttress Eggbar with Toe Insert can be used with or without a Buttress Wedge. This shoe is designed for horses with a negative PA (Palmar Angle) and crushed heels. You will like the shape of our Buttress Eggbar as it accommodates the load surface of the frog and does not extend past that point which helps greatly reduce heel crush.

The NANRIC Buttress Wedge was designed to support the flexible buttress and not wedge the heel. This works great for horses with a negative PA and 15 – 20 mm of sole under the apex. Note: Horses must have adequate sole to properly use the Buttress Wedge. You may wish to use a Full Rocker or Rocker Rail Shoe as the initial shoe to quickly gain sole mass and then apply the Buttress Eggbar with the Buttress Wedge.

Hind foot: Note negative PA

Same foot post shoeing

Hind foot: X-rays post shoeing. Note positive PA and buttress support

Second reset. Note the wedge is shorter.
Supporting the flexible buttress allows the heel tubules to become stronger instead of steadily crushing.

Application Instructions
It’s always best to have a lateral radiograph that precisely describes sole depth, PA and medial lateral balance.

Trimming the Foot and Fitting the Shoe

Start slightly behind the widest part of the foot and trim a flat plane taking all you possibly can at the toe. Lay the bar on the trimmed foot and note the air space between the shoe, frog and crushed heels. This is where the Buttress Wedge goes.  Holding the shoe in place, slide the desired Buttress Wedge size under the shoe. Custom fit the Buttress Wedge to fill the space.
Caution: Refrain from sliding the buttress wedge too far forward as you want the eggbar to rest on the heel tubules slightly behind the widest part of the foot. Sliding the Buttress Wedge too far forward offers heel crushing that you get with a full wedge.

Once the buttress wedge is fitted, mark the shoe over each sulcus. Drill and punch a hole for a nail and then insert the nail and fold it over. This prevents rivet burn and secures the wedge.

When used properly you can easily create a positive PA.

Once the shoe comes off, note that there will be no wear on the Buttress Wedge as you will find when using a full wedge. You are supporting the flexible part of the heel instead of the load surface of the heel. Use this shoe with discretion when correcting negative PA on high performance horses or speed horses. They may require healing time as well as time to become acclimated to the new PA and the additional support.

Aluminum Buttress Eggbar Shoe Hind Pattern w/ Insert (Each)