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Aluminum Drop Forge Mega Full Rocker Shoe - E Series™ (Each)
  • Note: All NANRIC aluminum shoes are creased but not punched as the position and pitch of the nail hole is best left up to the farrier's discretion.


    The FR6CE and FR6E are milled instead of drop forged and thus the price difference.

    The Drop Forge Full Rocker Shoe - E Series or "Mega Rocker" has been requested by numerous vets and farriers that have become real efficient using high level mechanics to enhance the healing environment.  This is a rehab shoe and not recommended to be used on training or competing horses due to the high level of mechanics. 


    The manufactured "rocker" on the ground surface of this shoe provides high-level mechanics and it allows the horse to self-adjust his palmar angle, which enhances the perfusion of the foot and sole growth.

    The ground surface is rockered with a high (E) radius.  Put on flat with a zero PA it can offer 18 to 20 degree PA.  When there is adequate foot mass to allow adding more mechanics, rocker the heel and very slightly at the toe.   The shoe can then offer up to a 25 degree PA and not be bottomed out at the toe.



    1. Horse with chronic, thin soles and poor quality walls . Many will have chronic bone remodeling as well.
    2. Midscale super chronic laminitis used with or without additional rocker.
    3. Preventive aid for contra limb laminitis.  This shoe offers slightly more mechanics than the NANRIC Ultimate .  Coupled with comparable venograms and radiographs, this shoe can be very helpful.
    4. High grade 3 and low grade 4 club feet.
    5. Full thickness toe cracks.
    6. White LineDisease (WLD).


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    Aluminum Drop Forge Mega Full Rocker Shoe - E Series™ (Each)