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E-Book: Radiography of the Equine Foot (2002)


This book describes the techniques for enhancing the quality of your films and is the first in a series of monographs on Equine Podiatry by Dr. Ric Redden. Radiography is an extremely important part of Dr. Redden's equine podiatry practice. Development of his radiographic techniques has been driven by a strong desire to gain as much information as possible from his films. His attention to detail has resulted in a protocol that consistently produces undistorted, high-detail images. The amount of detail in these images provides the veterinarian and his farrier with a powerful tool for evaluating the bony and non-bony tissues of the foot.

In this monograph Dr. Redden walks you through routine radiographic techniques, highlighting areas where slight modifications could mean a great improvement in the quality of your films and thus in the amount of information you can derive from your films. Dr. Redden provides you with simple yet effective techniques that will help you get the most from your equipment and your films.

From the author:

"This monograph details foot preparation and describes the many useful views that can be taken of the horse's foot with the shoe on, including several navicular views. The reader will also find helpful tips for removing shoes, pre-purchase etiquette, and farrier courtesy when poor quality feet are to be radiographed. The text flows in an easy, pictorial fashion that clearly points out many helpful tips and brings out many basic points regarding the geometry of radiology. It is designed to develop a basic foundation for radiography of the equine foot that will help bridge the gap between those highly focused on feet and those who seldom examine feet". 


(25 pages) *Available in print and e-Book 

E-Book: Radiography of the Equine Foot (2002)