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Equilox l (2 oz) (Each)
  • Color = Tan

    Equilox I Slower Setting Formula Adhesive is an extremely strong resin that can be used for anything from repairing small quarter cracks to reconstructing an entire hoof wall, yet flexible enough for easy filing, shaping, and even nailing.

    Set time: Sets in 6 - 8 minutes, final cure in 10 - 13 minutes at 70° Fahrenheit

    Shelf life: At least 6 months from fill date (as stated on label) — or longer if refrigerated

    Equilox is an excellent composite with multiple uses. This composite makes hoof restoration a relatively simple task and works exceptionally well as a glue bond for attaching aluminum shoes.

    Dr. Redden uses Equilox to shoe a variety of foot problems including many of his high scale laminitis cases. Equilox provides build-up support and excellent adhesive properties necessary