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ICAR Crease Nail Puller - 12"
The 12" ICAR Crease Nail Cutter is a revolution in farrier tools! Made of the highest quality Italian tool steel in Italy. ICAR has spent a considerable amount of time studying the finer points of tool making and has added many features to enhance their design and performance. 

The gap at the head is to allow for more complete contact with the nail head and part of the shank. In a typical nail puller, sometimes the only part of the tool doing the work is the point, the ICAR design allows the tool to make contact with the head too. It also allows for the handles to be in a better position (not to wide) while pulling the nail. An additional feature is the sharpened handle end that can be used as a crease cleaner.

ICAR Crease Nail Puller - 12"

SKU: 399 - Bin 3A