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WTS Frog Support
The WTS Frog Support Light is made of 6 mm thick aluminium for the WTS Light shoe. This Frog Support model can be used with the WTS Soft Heel Shoe as well. The Frog Support offers a broad bearing surface and is very light, since it’s made of aluminium. It is screwed on to the shoe. This has the advantage that the Frog Support can be easily removed and screwed back on during a shoeing period, without having to remove the shoe. The Frog Support can be sawed into any desired shape.

It can be used in the following cases: as broad surface protection for inflammation of the navicular bursa, to spread the weight in cases of crushed heels, or as relief in cases of quater cracks.

WTS Frog Support for providing support to the hind part of the hoof.

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WTS Frog Support

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