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WTS Soft Heel Front (Pair)
The rear half of the soleplate element made of steel 52 is only 5 mm thick and thus flexible . The Soft Heel elements made of polyurethane are 70 Shore soft and provide a strong cushioning . Due to the large contact surface of the polyurethane elements, the limb mass is optimally supported . The soft heel elements can be sanded to the desired shape and height. In the toe area, the horseshoe is not damped, so that a direct power transmission can take place. Proven traction and mobility in the toe area are equally important, as in the WTS Solid.

Countless applications in sport and therapy fittings. For example: Bockhoof / flat hoof, palmar footpain, hoof roll, problems with the approach of the deep flexor tendon and the support band of the deep flexor tendon.

WTS Soft Heel: increased motivation through more comfort, flexibility and support!

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WTS Soft Heel Front (Pair)

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