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How to Make an Equine Foot Mold

Advance Cushion Support (ACS) can be used to make a negative mold of your

horse's foot. In less than 15 minutes, a positive 3-D model can then be created by pouring Smooth-Cast 300 into the negative ACS mold. While the foot model is warm, a therapeutic trim can be applied and a custom shoe can be shaped to the foot.

Dr. Redden developed this idea and technique for creating a diagnostic cast as a communication tool.  His detailed shoeing and trimming protocol can be placed into the hands of farriers and veterinarians throughout the world.

The 3-D model simplifies the communication among professionals and bridges the language barrier. Dr. Redden often makes a foot model once optimum mass and balance have been reestablished in competitive horses. This serves as a baseline for future farrier reference.

The informative video below is a quick how-to guide on making an Equine Foot Mold.  

The products used in this video are Advance Cushion Support, Smooth-Cast 300 Kit, and Vetrap. For more information, please visit our Foot Mold Instructions.

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