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Aluminum 4 Point Tenotomy Railbar Shoe™ (Each)
  • Note: All NANRIC aluminum shoes are creased but not punched as the position and pitch of the nail hole is best left up to the farrier's discretion.

    The deep digital flexor (DDF) tenotomy is a viable option for treating multiple stages of mid- to high-scale laminitis. When the decision is made to cut the DDF, it is imperative that the palmar surface of PIII is properly realigned (derotated) immediately prior to surgery. This realignment/derotation compliments the surgery and significantly increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

    For years, Dr. Redden used a rail shoe to facilitate derotation of the palmar surface of PIII. He used Advance Cushion Support to achieve the proper positioning and then glued the rail shoe in place with Equilox.

    This Aluminum 4 Point Tenotomy Railbar shoe has the same design as the original rail shoe, but it offers a heel extensor on the back of the shoe to prevent unwarranted and unexpected hyper-extension (toe lift) following DDF surgery.This Tenotomy Rail Bar shoe is a valuable time-saver for farriers/vets who would otherwise have to fabricate the shoe. It is also an efficient means of enhancing the therapeutic effects of derotation shoeing immediately prior to DDF surgery.


    SKU's Include: TRAIL2, TRAIL3, TRAIL4, and TRAIL5

    Aluminum 4 Point Tenotomy Railbar Shoe™ (Each)