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G2 Redden Navicular X-ray Block™
  • Generation Two Aluminum D.P. Positioning Block

    This updated positioning block designed by Dr. Redden assures repeatable, consistent, and precise positioning for the 65 degree DP, 65, 45, and 22.5 degree oblique, and flexed lateral views.   It can be used with all brands of x-ray units and replaces our our first generation navicular block.  The G2 Redden Navicular X-ray Block™ improvements further enhance comparative imagery of the equine foot. 


    New features include:

    • The first generation block was designed with slots to assist positioning the 45-degree oblique. These have been eliminated and replaced by grooves in front of the foot and in a plane along the front face of the detector.
    • The toe groove is now deeper and helps prevent the toe from popping out.
    • The polycarbonate foot support cutout has less overlap of the coffin bone and improved radiolucency.
    • A 22.5 oblique line guide has been added that offers useful information that can be missed on the 45 degree obliques. This primary beam/detector orientation is a new perspective view with comparative consistency.
    • 2 inch foam pad added to the block base.  This is a horse friendly improvement as some prefer not to drop the toe into the lower style block.
    • Optional 2 inch foam pad attachment base for the generator. This is a basic beam alignment requirement. The quick release strap secures it to the generator for various views. This improves consistency for comparative views.  Note:  If you do not purchase this base please use some type of base for your generator.
    • A piece of polycarbonate stored in the back of the foam pad to be used for smaller feet.  When a foot is smaller than the cutout portion of the foot support, place it over the foot support.
    • A pickup up and carring cord.

    Redden Navicular Block Instructions

    G2 Redden Navicular X-ray Block™