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Hoof-It PostCradle Standard 15"

Upgrade your hoof stand base with the new PostCradle™ by HOOF-it® .

This PostCradle will turn your existing base into a single unit.  Simplify your stand so you no longer have to switch out a post or a cradle.  

This new design allows you to work smoother and more efficient.  1/4 of turn will take you from post to cradle.   Compatible with HOOF-it® and Hoofjack bases.  

Have you ever wanted a single-unit, post AND cradle hoof stand accessory? One unit that makes it easy to work on both the top and bottom of the hoof without stopping to swap out parts or to another stand?  

We've invented, and field tested the new PostCradle™ hoof stand accessory and is manufacturing it now in the USA.  

Add the new single-unit PostCradle™ to your existing hoof stand base - for situations where changing to a different stand or swapping out the post and cradle isn't practical in hoof care.  

We have designed the PostCradle™ to hold a hoof on the post end with minimal to no cradle interference, and the cradle supports the horse’s hoof when you are working on the surface side of the hoof.  

The PostCradle™ is built with a durable, inner foundation with supportive thick rubber coating to absorb shock and assist grip.  

Hoof-It PostCradle Standard 15"