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NANRIC Extra Strength Biotin 100™ (Gallon Bucket)
  • NANRIC is the exclusive source for Dr. Redden's Extra Strength Biotin 100™.


    We offer the following volume discounts:

    • $5.00 off per bucket if you choose 2 Buckets.
    • $10.50 off per bucket if you choose 4 Buckets.
    • $16 off per bucket if you choose 8 Buckets.

    Extra Strength Biotin 100™ was formulated by Dr. Ric Redden over 30 years ago for his personal podiatry cases. Biotin has long been noted as a supplement that aids natural keratinization process. Hair and horn (hoof capsule) are constantly undergoing growth, maturation and keratinization. Biotin 100 has become the horseman’s choice. Feeding 1 (.05 lb) scoop per day delivers 100 mg of Biotin and 50 mg of DL-Methionine. 
    This feeding is recommended for a 1000 lb+ mature horse.


    • We hand scoop each gallon in-house to maintain the ultimate quality and freshness.
    • Store Biotin 100™ in the provided bucket and airtight bag to maintain freshness.
    • Recommended shelf life is 6 months.
    • One bucket lasts 128 days so it costs you less than 71 cents a day to feed the strongest Biotin on the market.


    Ingredients:  dried corn grains, distillers and solubles, rice hulls, Biotin, mineral oil, DL-Methionine.


    Guaranteed Analysis:

    d-Biotin - min. 1600 mg/lb

    DL-methionine - min. 800/lb


    Carb or Eq Starch - 6.545%

    Eq Sugar - 1.2714%

    Fiber - 14.961547%

    Protein - 16.349%

    Omega 3, 6, 9 - 0%


    If you have tried all others and are not convinced that Biotin supplements are helpful try our Extra Strength Biotin 100™ formula and see results.

      NANRIC Extra Strength Biotin 100™ (Gallon Bucket)