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Biotin 100 Gallon Bag Only 

Choose Priority Mail for 1-2 Bags in a flat rate box for $15 shipping to all states.



  • Saves you $ on freight.
  • Does not include a bucket.
  • Many of our customers in Alaska and Hawaii love this product option.

NANRIC is the exclusive source for Dr. Redden's Extra Strength Biotin 100™.

Extra Strength Biotin 100™ was formulated by Dr. Ric Redden over 15 years ago for his personal podiatry cases. Biotin has long been noted as a supplement that aids natural keratinization process. Hair and horn (hoof capsule) are constantly undergoing growth, maturation and keratinization. Biotin 100 has become hoof supplement of choice worldwide. Feeding 1 (.05 lb) scoop per day delivers 100 mg of Biotin and 50 mg of DL-Methionine. 
This feeding is recommended for a 1000 lb+ mature horse.

If you have tried all others and are not convinced that Biotin supplements are helpful try our Extra Strength Biotin 100™ formula and see results.

NANRIC Extra Strength Biotin 100 (Gallon Bag Only)