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NANRIC Rocker Cuff™ (Pair)
  • Note:  This product is used for foals with club feet. 


    The rocker greatly reduces DDF tension, which will relieve significant pressure of PIII against the inner sole.  This mechanical action enhances blood supply to the sole, thereby enhancing sole growth which preserves the integrity of the apex.  The Nanric Rocker Cuff is easier to apply than a rockered aluminum shoe. 

    Trim technique:
    Push the heel back from the widest point of the foot (lowering it from that point).  It is very important to cover any area of the toe that has worn through or has fissures before gluing the cuff on.  It is quite easy to trap bacteria in these areas which can result in an abscess.  Dr. Redden prefers to use Keratex Putty to protect such areas. 

    The price is for Shoes Only, adhesive is additional. 

    Click below to learn how to apply the Nanric Rocker Cuff.

    Nanric Rocker Cuff Instructions

    NANRIC Rocker Cuff™ (Pair)