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Redden Foot Mold Kit

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The Redden Foot Mold Kit includes:

  1. * 1 - 32 oz ACS rubber mold kit
  2. * 1- roll Vetrap
  3. * Step by step instructions for making a dependable, high quality negative foot and pastern mold with a link to our online video below.
  4. * 1 - positive 3-D foot model trimmed with a custom horseshoes applied

Dr. Redden saw a need to permanently identify the unique characteristics of many of the debilitated feet seen through his international equine podiatry practice. Several years ago he developed a consistent, relatively easy way to make a dependable, high quality negative foot and pastern mold of his patients. This multiple use rubber mold is then filled with Smooth-Cast 300 liquid plastic producing the highly detailed, positive 3-D foot model. Many valuable uses for this unique technique:
*  Teaching aid - Dr. Redden often asks his consultation farrier – veterinarian teams for a negative mold, a set of recent radiographs and a video. Once the 3-D mold is in his hands the model is trimmed (using the film), a shoe is fabricated and fitted that meets the mechanical demands of the case. The anxious veterinary – farrier team receives the 3-D model trimmed with shoe. Many times an extra model is left untouched for a dry run before they do the same to the patient.  This concept breaks all language barriers and eliminates 99% of confusion and misunderstandings, a common product of telephone consultations.
*  Permanent diagnostic reference, great for the farrier – veterinarian team as they deal with long term complex cases.
*  An excellent reference tool for the horse that travels the circuit needs the special touch and sees many farrier throughout the year, all unfamiliar with the horse and his unique foot requirements. Farriers find this 3-D model very informative.

Redden Foot Mold Kit

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