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Steel Full Rocker Shoe™ (Each)
  • Many horses have mismatched feet. One foot is typically more narrow than the opposite. Our Full Rocker Shoe fits the larger more rounded toe quite well but it takes a bit of forging to make it fit a narrow foot. For this reason, we created The Steel Full Rocker Shoe. It is a narrow version of the Full Rocker Shoe drop forged in steel. The new shape saves you precious time and effort. Also the narrow version is quite easy to open up and fit a wider toe when indicated.
    This versatile shoe can also double as a hind pattern shoe and is currently available in 6 Sizes. Sizes FR1, FR2, FR3, FR4 FR5, come with nail holes and are unclipped. The FR6 comes with nail holes and tabs for pulling clips.

    This shoe is a very helpful aid for treating foot injury or disease that is subsequent to tension from the deep digital flexor tendon. It can reduce tension over the navicular bone, bursa and associated ligaments and reduce compressive forces on the sole corium, thereby aiding sole growth and a stronger, thicker wall. The mechanical properties can be further enhanced by forging more rocker action into the shoe.
    The Drop Forge Full Rocker Shoe is designed to offer high-end mechanical breakover. The breakover, or pivot point, of this shoe is located in the center of the shoe, which allows the horse to self-adjust its palmar angle.

    Horses with limited solar perfusion (blood supply) have little to no sole growth because there is a lack of sufficient nutrition to the trim line. By relieving deep digital flexor tension, blood supply to the laminae and sole is increased. This shoe offers continuous self-adjustment that the horse needs, even when standing still.

    The Steel Full Rocker shoe is also an aid to enhance rigid sole growth, and it offers farriers and vets a new option for treating a variety of problems that are associated with thin, painful soles. Lateral radiographs are helpful in trim and shoe placement, as well as an aid to evaluate progress.

    Steel Full Rocker Shoe™ (Each)