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FootPro Adhesive Foam Board

FootPro Black Adhesive Foam Boards

Priced as Each.  A box contains 50 boards. 


FootPro Black Adhesive Foam Boards are 5.75” x 6” and are designed to use as a dam to contain the liquid urethane materials during dispensing without a pad and create a customized finish to the pour-in pad surface. The Peel-n-Stick feature allows the user to adhere the pad to the shod foot securely without having to hold it, or tape it in place. Foam Boards can also be stacked together for use as an emergency therapeutic pad that is taped to the hoof for immediate, temporary pain relief, comfort and to hold treatment materials against the bottom of the hoof.

• Easy to apply
• Seals and supports Vettec products until set
• Recesses material from ground level for traction
• Evenly distributes material over surface.
• No material ends up as a "high" point to create sole pressure.
• Reduces the time holding the hoof up
• Easy to remove



FootPro Adhesive Foam Board

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